Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My day turned around. :)

After spending the day doing tons of homework and studying I noticed myself getting really irritated all day. At everything. I mean I was so on edge about the littlest things. After complaining to myself and my friends, they kept telling me pray and I was just thinking well is that going to make all of the annoying things stop being annoying? Well later I thought no it's not, but it would change my heart. So I wasn't so easily irritated and upset.  So I prayed and you know how when your mad and upset and all you want to be is mad and upset. Well yeah that was me. I just wanted to sit in my irritation, which is totally bad and not letting God take over my heart and the situation, but remember how I mentioned in another blog that even when my prayers aren't exactly what they should be God continues to be faithful and is looking to get me to let him take control and wants me to grow. Yeah well that he did and I'm always so encouraged by what he's doing in my life.

So here I am today a little less than a day after my eventful day and again I am amazed at how he always draws me back in to him. Why am I surprised!?!?
 ...he's always faithful.. I don't know, because I'm me and for some reason even though God has never given me a reason to lack trust I still struggle with that. Don't we all? Well I'm so grateful he remains faithful, even when I am faithless (2 Tim. 2:13)

This morning as I was spending time with The Lord and he brings me to this Isaiah 55 and this is just a little part of the bible where I am comforted by the lords promises.  But I was just thinking and praying and I was so thankful that God woke me up another day by his grace he gave me understanding and wisdom to see his love and his faithfulness and by his spirit gave me the ability to trust him. BY HIM, there is nothing I did or could do to deserve that kind of great love.

Just as the sun rises everyday as it is promised, our God remains true to carry out his word and his promise.

Some of the verses that encouraged me this morning :)

Isaiah 55:9-10

Psalm 118

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


So as I begin the count down to my 22nd birthday in just 2 weeks exactly I have a ton of things I want to do.. like reminicse on how I caught up on two seasons of Greys Anatomy in just a week and anticipate this weeks new episode, work off the turkey from Thanksgiving, start my projects for Christmas and plan my Disneyland trip for my birthday, but instead I'm here procrastinating on my finals.

 I need to stay motivated and organized if I want to have fun for winter break.I am just not a very good at being a student. Im academically fine, I just hate sitting in a desk and going home and doing homework. Not for me I guess. But I'm doing it anyways. 

Any tips on how to stay focused and organized would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Dreaming behind the Desk.