Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent: Giving Up My Expectations

Now I know what you're thinking, don't people give up food, or coffee or something else insignificant that reallyyyy may not affect your life and relationship with Jesus? 

So I came across this list of things to give  up for Lent, and it surprised me. I expected to see, certain types of food, or drinks, or makeup, or maybe a flat iron, or I don't know.. social media maybe. I didn't know much about it. But that's what I figured. I have never done this before, and didn't know much about it. I've been raised Christian all my life, went to a Christian private school, never learned about and honestly I didn't know anybody that celebrated it. I was under the impression Lent was only done in Catholicism...I know, I know, Christianity branched from Catholicism. But still...I hadn't learned about it until sort of recently, and that it is just removing something from your life that distracts you from Jesus.

So I read over the list and this is what I found....give up the guilt, fear, anxiety, comparing yourself to others...give it up! It's preventing you from a deeper relationship with Jesus! All fantastic things to give up. But as I thought about it more, and prayed about it,  God was telling me give up your expectations Ashley!

I was like, hmm okay God, maybe. I have been noticing this for a while and within the last few months realized it has been a problem for me. I hold people to standards and expect them to be a certain way. Where does it lead me? Well usually let down and then I get angry. So that can't be good. God has been trying to get me to surrender to this for a long time now and its been tough. I am giving up my unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for other people.

I can't expect people to: Always agree with me. Like what I like. Enjoy what I enjoy. Value what I value. Behave how I expect them to behave. Want what I want. See what I see. Desire what I desire. Treat me how I want to be treated. I mean the list could go on forever!!! 

How many unrealistic expectations do we have for our friends, spouses, our families, our coworkers, or even those bloggers who don't always write about something we want to read?? We cannot expect things to always be in our favor. It doesn't always work like that. 

Expectation is the father of disappointment. 

I can have desires for people, Just like Jesus has desires for us, not expectations. Theres a difference. He desires for us to love him back, but he died on the cross with no strings attached. When he covered our sin with his blood, he didn't expect anything in return.  Whats that I hear? The sound of sweet, sweet grace
Surrendering it all to Jesus and letting him take over this area of my life, something I try so hard to hold onto. Jesus sets the standard and I won't put that standard on other people. He is all the matters, he exceeds my expectations with so much more. And that's enough. He is enough.  

Bye bye expectations! 

Praise The Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.. who satisfies your desires with good things. ~ Psalm 103:2

What are some things hindering your relationship with Jesus? Have you realized it? Prayed about and let Jesus take over? He promises to be there helping you, every step. I can't do this alone, but he promises to help. It will be a process, but I'm ready for it. 

I want to hear about you!
Comment, share and show some love! :)

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