Thursday, April 3, 2014

If Everything was Taken Away

After being flooded with midterms, I am finally starting to feel a bit relieved. Spring break is right there, I can almost taste it! Haha! I have  a bunch of homework to do over break and I won't be going anywhere, so I should be good. I cannot believe it is already April, this semester is going so fast! 
I've recently just felt so overwhelmed, school, scheduling, dance, just got a job, and one of my best friends just left for Florida to go work with YWAM and I am so excited for her, but a little sad cause she was a big reason why I would visit home, and now she isn't there.

I really feel like God has me in this season of learning to entirely rely on him, thats what he wants all the time, but a lot of my friendships have been taken away from me, or just been put on hold for a while and it is actually starting to really get to me. I'm away at school and some of my best friends I don't really talk to anymore, for certain reasons. A couple weeks ago I just lost it. I broke down in tears to my roommate and it all just came out. I was upset I haven't talked to one of my best friends, and it feels like that friendship isn't even there anymore, I had another friendship just kind of evaporate, I don't even know what happened, and my other best friend just went to Florida. On top of that I had midterms, and I just couldn't take it. 

Why would God want me to lose some of my friendships, some of my best friends. They weren't bad friends, they were solid, encouraging, and incredible.

 What did I do? 
I was feeling lonely, and that sucked. This semester I made some new friends who share the same beliefs, and we actually started a bible study where we live and I got involved with this Christian Fellowship club on campus. God always has plans for his children. When he takes something away he has something better. Its been hard to trust that and cling to that, but I have to. It is what it is, it's all I need. It is enough. 

This got me thinking about Job; if God took everything away from me, my friends, my family, my health, would I still be okay? Its hard to think about. How would you guys feel if that was all taken away? Would you still be able to praise God in the midst of all of that and maintain hope and peace?
If you're human than I probably know what you're thinking..."uhhh thats a tough one and I'll get back to you on that."
God can take my friends, but my family? Uhhh.
God can take my stuff, but my health?  
What about your car? Your home?

Jesus needs to be the bottom of our joy, he needs to be our foundation, because everything does not make sense and will fall apart if he isn't our true source of happiness. Thats the way he designed us. 
Jesus wants all of us! No distractions he wants our hearts and souls. 
It's a hard concept to grasp, that I really have to be willing to give it all up even when it's the things I value most...But when Jesus is what I value most it should be no problem.

Jesus is the bottom of my joy, and when Jesus is the bottom of my joy, all that other stuff doesn't matter. 

"I find joy in everyday, not because life is good, but because God is"

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  1. First things first, LOVE the new design! It looks so cute! And Kisses, A? LOVE IT. Great reference ;)

    But wow, what a great reminder coming from Job. It's a great question to consistently ask yourself. "If God took every single thing away from me, would I still be okay and rely on Him?" I struggle with that question myself! We are called to find joy in Him, and Him alone. Love the quotes you included in this post too. I might have to write them down and put them somewhere for a daily reminder :)

  2. Awe thanks Kasey! Haha! I knew a select few people would get the reference ;)