Friday, November 8, 2013

A Little Hello

Hey everybody! I did it!I finally made a blog. So basically I decided to make one because I have an endless amount of thoughts that rush through my head minute after minute and Twitter only allows me 140 characters and it is never enough to try and get my point across. After about a month or so on deciding whether or not to get a blog, because I probably have one too many social media websites I adhere to, I finally joined. Here I hope to share my thoughts and little bits from my everyday life. 

A little about me~ My name is Ashley and I'm from a little city in Central California, I recently moved to LA for school to pursue a degree in Deaf Studies. I know, I know, not what you were expecting. Maybe you were expecting that I came here to be in the entertainment industry, sorry to tell ya.. not exactly. 

My biggest desire is to bring glory to the Most High. Isaiah 26:8

He has blessed me with a passion to sing, and dance. 

Not me, just a really cool photo from Pinterest. Ha. 

I am learning American Sign Language, and plan to somehow incorporate that with maybe breaking a  language barrier for restoration of victims that were involved in human trafficking. How that looks in detail, I am not sure. Join me on my journey as I discover what God has in store for me and where he leads me! 

Thank you for taking time out of your lovely day to visit my blog. Stay tuned for more~Ashley

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