Friday, November 8, 2013

Five On Friday


One. Along with my bible, this devotional is my one of my absolute favorites! 

Two. Next we have.... my chapstick! LA winds were getting a little wild this past week and my lips were not having it! These little gems go with me just about everywhere, can't get over their cute egg shape and yummy scents. Currently using the blueberry acai one, purchased at Target. :)

Three. Today I am also loving the weather, I miss my hometown where it actually feels like Fall, but I am not complaining I do love Mr. Sun. 

Four. Another one of my favorites is fresh running water, we sometimes take advantage of that. I lovee SHOWERS. Of course mine does not look anything like this, but nonetheless showers are great. 

Five. Drum roll please...... Last, but not least one of my all time favorites is everything that comes along with November! Changing colors of the leaves, Thanksgiving, boots, cardigans, scarves.. wait I live in LA, I don't get to wear that stuff quite yet, once in a while the temp drops and Im completely dressed in Autumn wear, but what else...the nighttime hits a little earlier, pumpkin spice lattes, Thanksgiving, Christmas being right around the corner, and did I mention Thanksgiving? 

Fall in general is my favorite season. :)

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