Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catching up

So it's been about a month since I've last been on. The holidays have been crazy. Finals went really well, and I passed my classes with good grades. First semester down at big kid college done! Woohoo. Christmas for me was chill, and I had a great 22nd birthday spent at Disneyland. I was happy to be home visiting family and friends and mostly my home church. It's seriously such a blessing to come back and be apart of something going on in my hometown and be able to see what The Lord is doing there. Before I left, I was on our junior high ministry and I lead a small group of juniors high girls, so it's really great to come home and see them and to let them know I'm still apart of their lives. Another big thing is I love being apart of the college ministry at my church and catching up with good friends and just get filled with love and prayer from everybody at our college group. It's very encouraging to know I'm still apart of something great.

As well as being apart of those great things I'm also so happy to get together with my mentor and three really great girls who I consider to be some of my very best friends. :) we are currently in a year long bible study group, we get together once a month which works because I come home about that often or if I can't they are able to Skype me in. Which has only happened once and we are about 5 months in. We go through different books and we are currently reading The Grace of God, and it is so good. The book has really transformed the way I look at people. Of course like anyone I struggle greatly at extending grace to others, but by the grace of God he allows me to see that, and gives me the strength to work on that.

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