Sunday, March 2, 2014

Break-Ups Don't Always Suck

Whether your going through a breakup or the end of a friendship or just leaving behind an old season, please keep in mind that "There are far better things ahead then you leave behind" - CS Lewis

Remember God brought you through the last season of your life even if you thought it to feel like forever and your pain may have dragged on for more than you wanted. People grow and drift apart and decide they want different things in life and I believe true bravery comes from knowing when to let go and wanting the best for that other person. If you guys know who I'm talking about well then you probably know the situation..  I don't necessarily know where God is bringing me to, and that's okay. But like I've said before we are promised goodness and only the best because we are children of The Almighty. :) how great is that? Nothing is wasted and he has so much in store for me and you too!

Anybody recently learning to let go and trust that God knows what's best? I'd love to hear all about it! :) comment, share and spread love!

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  1. LOVE that quote. CS Lewis was a very wise man ;)
    I pray that God is comforting you and I know you have some amazing people in your life to remind you of what's most important!