Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

My weekend started Thursday and Greys Anatomy just made my heart so happy!! I'm a huge fan of the show! Jackson and April are my favorite and if you follow me on twitter you probably could tell by my crazy posts about the episode this Thursday. April went all runaway bride on Matthew and followed her heart and chose Jackson, and I loved it. I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say?? 

Anyways hope you guys watch, we can chat about it!

So on Friday I drove to OC with my friend Emily because she's from the area and I was able to visit my best friend Nichole this weekend. We got to spend time together, which is always fun we have been friends since we were eleven years old. Best friends is more like sisters. She is one of my longest friendships. We shopped, both of us bought new sunglasses. We went to Laguna beach even though it was rainy ( but hey it's Southern California, it's still nice!) and drank lots of coffee and chatted it up like always. We went in the hot tub like we always do when I visit her and then made a night trip to beach. Always more fun with boy we kept saying but best friends will do. :) ha 
Our church adventures on  Sunday are always interesting. Especially this week! 

What can I say I love living in So Cal! 

Now it's back to school on Monday and I'm already ready for the weekend. Anybody else? I recently got a job so my weekends won't be available like this anymore, so I cherished it. Caught the end of the Oscars what was up with best actress??! Anyways how was everybody's weekend?? Those were my highlights, how about you? I am so no ready for Monday. Comment, share, and show some love! 

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